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Garden and Landscape maintenance

I can look after your garden and take all the hard work away with, weeding, digging, pruning, grass cutting, planting, mulching, lawn care etc. . . . This can be a one off blitz at the start of the season, end of year maintenance on the garden or a regular visit to keep on top of the growth and seasonal change in your garden. Many clients like a special make over just before an event, party at the home or a weekend barbeque. Your friends will be totally impressed at the transformation.

I am keen on sustainable practices and not using chemicals or using them minimally. I use different mulches to keep the weeds under control and retain the moisture.

I select plants and trees suited to the particular environment.

Hedge Trimming

I have a range of equipment to maintain your hedges and to make them look smart. There are long handled hedge cutters to remove the need for ladders and to get into the difficult areas.

Hedge Trimming

I can get hedges back into shape after they have been left and allowed to get out of control. This work is programmed after the bird nesting season.

Grass cutting/Lawn Care

I can put in place a regular mowing service, strimming and edging service based on the seasonal variations. This can also include seasonal feeding, weed control and moss control. At the right time of year I can implement the aeration, scarification and raking of the lawn. Top dressing, hollow tining and grass seeding.

Lawn Care

With use many lawns sink in places, these areas I can remove the turf raise the levels and returf. next season you will have a flat, smooth lawn again.

Uncared for lawns can look unsightly full of weeds, dead and waterlogged patches.

I can also introduce wildflower areas and provide contrast from your manicured areas. These floral meadows provide a wonderful habitat and attract a whole range of butterflies and insects.

Weed control

I am fully trained to undertake spraying and have the PA1 and PA6 qualifications to undertake this activity on your property. I use a glyphosate weedkiller on pernicious weeds that cannot be removed by hand. I use manual means to remove weeds in areas. In your borders I use mulches or use a membrane when planting. I use hoes, weed grubber or spade to get the root out completely.

Regular garden maintenance programmes

Keeping on top of the garden maintenance is important so it doesn’t get away. I can tailor a programme on your needs and budget. I can remove those tasks you don’t look forward to each year.